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To engage students in geotechnical engineering innovation and practice, the Geo-Institute of ASCE organizes 5 different student competitions during its annual conference. These competitions include:

  • Geo-Wall Competition where students design and construct mechanically stabilized earth retaining walls
  • Geo-Prediction competition where students predict behavior of the ground or geotechnical structure in-situ
  • Geo-Poster competition where students share their research outcomes through poster presentations
  • Geo-Video competition where students produce short video on any topic related to geotechnical education and practice
  • Geo-Shirt competition where students design shirts that reflect the theme of the conference

The National Geo-Challenge 2023 Student Competitions will be organized on March 27, 2023, during Geo-Congress 2023 at Los Angeles, California.

The individual Geo-Challenge Competition Rules can be found linked below. Please encourage your students to participate in the student competitions. For any questions, please contact the directors of each competition.

Geo-Wall 2023

Director: Dr. Beena Ajmera

Geo-Prediction 2023

Director: Dr. Matthew Sleep

Geo-Poster 2023

Director: Dr. Asif Ahmed

Geo-Video 2023

Director: Dr. Mohammad Yamin

Geo-Shirt 2023

Director: Dr. Erik Jensen

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